House Style

The contributors who have strong views about things like the use of the Oxford comma should feel free to ignore this page. Otherwise, you can help achieve a more uniform appearence of various pages if you follow these rules:

  • All entries should be written in third person, even if you are writing the entry about yourself.
  • Use British rather than American spelling.
  • When in doubt, follow The Chicago Manual of Style. In particular, use the Oxford comma (as in "apples, pears, and oranges").
  • Use double quotation marks (like "...") following the "British style" (The Chicago Manual of Style, Section 6.10): only those punctuation points that appeared in the original material should be included within the quotation marks; all others follow the closing quotation marks.
  • Do not change the default behaviour of Latex without a very good reason (for example, do not use "\limits" or the "\var..." versions of Greek letters).
  • Abbreviate "independent identically distributed" as IID (internal links do not work for the alternative abbreviation "i.i.d.").


  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2003.